Week 3. We did it

Wow. So we finally managed to launch the site. Things are still under construction. But at least its out there now. I'm working with a few different people in order to get a steady stream of new content flowing on the site and Jasco Games has given us permission to use their art assets as well. 

In other news, I teamed up with Chris over at Rockford UFS on a new video series where we both build decks for the same character/symbol/idea to show variations in deck design. You can check the first ones out below.

Additionally I've been able to get a few more card alters done. One was a commission, and the other is just something I've wanted to do for some time.


I think thats about it for this update. In the next week I'll be looking to polish the site a little and then publicly announce it at the end. 

Till next time