Bro Watches the Joffice so you don't have to - Season 5 Ep 1

Welcome to a “weird season” of the Joffice

New format! Jason solo show. UFS corner, new board games, Universal Tactics System

First, why is the Joffice so late? Jason was traveling a lot, then promptly went to the hospital with kidney stones! <cut to Jason screaming through a women's bathroom door>

Board games! Release dates for basically the rest of the year; new print run of the Buffy board game! The Friends and Frenemies expansion is coming in June.

The GenCon release of the year (coming in August) is the Cowboy Bebop board game, an "awesome coop game".

Street Fighter Exceed releases coming in May - June - July. You can borrow your Universal Tactics minis to use in Exceed, because the character line up.

And finally Evil Dead 2 kickstarter coming up in about a month, pending approvals. It will be a very different Kickstarter campaign - the last one was funded, but never delivered. If the new one gets funded, everyone who backed the last one will get a copy too, for free

Universal Tactics coming soon, delays from licensing.

Finally, Jasco North is producing the Captain Canuck game (based on a comic book license) will release on Canada Day. (True patriot love in all thy son’s command)

Jasco getting its own studio! Joliseum is the best name, go with that

New promos coming! If you're paying attention, no big news. SF triple infinity promo, Skull Barrier, SFVSDS foil characters, and ban-reprints. Ban-reprints will be "shipped out

with every order and redemption order, until they run out of stock"

Event Schedule! Turbo Worlds March 29-30th awarding a custom-built turbo car, including a couple preview pictures. Last Chance Qualifier the night before, too.

Worlds coming up, with lots more coming up shortly.

April 5th release date for Soul Calibur. Full set preview is already up:

New Hire at Jasco! Kai Nesbit! Former STG staff

That’s all for this week. Two big news items the community wants to hear more about went unmentioned:

  • “DLC packs” containing some characters who were passed over in the main sets, along with a few cards of support, were teased as far back as US Nationals in October.

  • Called by some “US Nationals Junior” and the first event to feature competition with Soul Calibur 6, the Rochester PTC makes its return on April 5th!