Shameless Update - pre nationals prep

Welcome again,

As everyone is busy fine tuning their Nationals decks a few folks are still hard at work making fine ufs content for you wonderful people to enjoy. Check out whats new this week.

UK Nationals Videos

Although the UK nationals are a few weeks behind us. We are just starting to get some match footage posted up to youtube. There are currently 3 matches uploaded and they can all be found at The Bearded Card Traders Channel . Or if you’re lazy, just check them out below.

Website Updates

Kevin Broberg has started work on a new project called Rules Corner. A place to go over some of the more complicated rulings in standard UFS and break them down into an easy to digest format. The first article in rules corner is Fade vs Remove as cost and can be viewed by following the link.

Additionally, Javelin Chimera is now done 1/4 of the Resource Retrospective articles with his completion of the Chaos Symbol. Be sure to check it out.


To no ones surprise, Rockford and UFSU are hard at work as usual. However this week I managed to get out a few videos of my own as well.

Jasco Official

This week from Jasco we had the Pro Tour Circuit applications open up. So if you’re interested in having a PTC at your local store. Be sure to click on the link above and apply before the end of October.

Well that about wraps it up. If you have any comments or ideas for what else to add to the site, or perhaps you want to add to the site yourself. Just post up in the comments and let me know.

Til next time