Shameless Update - Calm before the storm

Hello again,

This update we have an Online Tournament announcement, UK nationals reports, Rule FAQ updates and more. Check it out.

Muscle Mountains UK singles report

So for starters, the link can be found -> HERE <- and I must say, it was a wonderful read. Muscle piloted his Goro deck into tops at the UK nationals and later won teams. As I have stated before, Muscle Mountain has amazing insight into building and playing low hand size characters. And this report does an incredible job of letting you see into his thought process. This is an absolute MUST READ if you plan on playing Goro at any competitive level.


As the usual. Lots of content from both Rockford UFS and UFSU. This time we get something special with a deck profile from Kevin Brobergs teams deck from UK nationals. An unconventional Ermac deck.


Everyone’s favorite video smithy Paynus Greabler is hosting the first ever online Jasco Legacy tournament. He is personally putting up his own prize support and time to make this happen. All of the juicy details can be found in his super informative video below.


Because our beloved jasco struggles at times to let the masses know of what they’re up to, I’m going to do my best to help.


For starters, there are some sexy new redemption promos. Well, not really new, but you know what I mean. New template Scorpion 2 and Classic Revoke on the new template as well. Both can be found on the Jasco Redemption Page

Jasco also updated the UFS FAQs PAGE . This update covers interactions with Fade and a new ruling that buffs Mortal Kombat’s Kung Jin. Be sure to make your local group aware of the changes.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck to anyone training up for nationals.

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