Shameless Update

Hello and welcome back!

Toy here again with another update. I’m just settling in after moving my family a whopping 3 blocks away from my old place (it was hell). But I still want to get some news sent your way. So forgive the rushed update. Lots has happened in the last two weeks in the wild world of UFS. So lets take a look.

The Poquoson PTC took place just a few weeks ago and saw Rob Snyder take first place with an unorthodox mill deck that first appeared at Alberta Beat Down. The placings and deck lists can be found below.


And just this past weekend the UK nationals was held at Patriot Games. Singles was taken by non other than Mike Hardiman and his Quan Chi deck. While teams was taken by Two and a Half Men, Dan Austin playing Liu Kang, Rio (musclemountain) Gopaul playing Goro and Oliver Hill playing Jacqui Briggs.


Jasco is still working to post all of the decklists for the event. But here’s the winning list from singles.

Quan Chi (Life)

(13) Characters
1 Quan Chi*
4 Spike**
3 D'vorah*
3 Demitri**
2 Napalm Man**

(6) Actions
4 Revoke
2 Templar

(18) Attacks
4 Ovipositor Charger
4 Urban Shower
2 Dagger Strike
2 Ace Maneuver
2 Hand Cannon
1 Plant Barrier
1 Brutality
1 Skull

(32) Foundations
4 The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
4 All Powerful Sorcerer
4 Immortal Knowledge
4 Insect Puppeteer
3 Cleaning the Fish
3 Commander of the Undead
2 Dust in the Wind
2 Over the Top
1 German Temper
1 Rescue Mission
1 Last of His Kind
1 Mathematician
1 My Blood Flows Through You
1 New Shipmate

(69) total

(8) Sideboard
2 My Blood Flows Through You
2 Rhythmic Fighting Style
2 Reclaiming What's Ours
1 Swordfish Plasma Cannon
1 Hand Cannon

Content Creators

To save myself from posting every video done by Rockford and UFSU every update. Im just going to link their channels. They pump content out every few days. Just check them out.

Otherwise we have a new Joffice, another ocbc deck tech, and some top deck heroes from over on twitch.

Website Content Updates

There are a few other tid bits getting worked on around here. Javelin Chimera has started to write some resource symbol primers to add to our articles section. He looks at both standard and legacy to find each symbols unique identity. The first two are up. Air and All. Check out the links below.

We’ve also added a gallery of UFS fan art by Cody (buttons) Kent. You can check out his work by clicking on the image below.

That’s it for this update. I’ll see you next time.