Weeks Up

Hello again. Welcome to this weeks UFS update.

Here is what the community has been up to. 


As usual, the content creators have been busy. 


Alberta Beat Down

This past weekend saw the biggest event western Canada has for UFS. We had top players from 3 cities play through 5 rounds of swiss and top 8 elimination. Matteo Bsmith took first place with his Liu Kang aggro build. Below you can find some of the standings for the event, but check back as we will have deck reviews and write ups posted in the next week

Swiss standings by player


Top 8, and final placing

1st - Liu Kang - Fire - Matteo (nick on the list for some reason ) - Vancouver

2nd - Sub Zero - Order - Kevin DiMarco ( they spelled my name wrong T-T ) - Calgary

3rd - Quan Chi - Life - Andrew Olsen - Edmonton

4th - Anakaris - Life - Devon Bernier - Calgary

5th - Vicious - Earth - Garett Brett - Calgary

6th - Reptile - Water - Steven Jennings - Edmonton

7th - Spike 1 - Water - Mikeal Smith - Edmonton

8th - Huitzil - Fire - Tanner Danyleyko - Calgary

Other Going Ons

· Rochester CCG now offers to buy your bulk rares and ultra rares. Handy for anyone with boxes of unused cards in their closet. Check it out HERE

· Christopher Goldsmith recently did a write up on the design of Guile from the street fighter set. His article can be found HERE

Site Construction

There will be a few new pages popping up in the next week or so. The fan set from Rockford is getting its own section soon and a resources/rules page will be up soon as well. We will also be looking at adding sections for formats outside of standard.

I am currently in the middle of moving and my house is full of boxes. So be patient while we get content pushed out. 

Till next time