Announcement Day

Hello and welcome!

We started this site so that there could be a centralized home for UFS content and resources. There is a lot being produced by the community that ends up getting lost to social media. To rectify that, this weekly newsletter is designed to keep players up to date with whats being put out on social streams. 

Once your done reading this post, you can go check out the rest of the site! Its still under construction, but there's lots of info on here including links to social media hubs, content creators, and even pages to help you play UFS online. Beyond the weekly newsletter, on this feed you can expect semi-regular posts about site updates and community spotlights. We've also got more content in the works including tournament analysis, deck profiles, guest articles, and more.

Check out this weeks update below.

Rockford has been busy this week with a few new VS videos both of which can be found below.


Rockford has also been testing their fan set for UFS, My Hero Academia! Chris gave us a new card from the set to preview  · ASUI ·


The character may still get some changes post testing, so check back to see more updates and previews from the MHA fan set. 


UK's own ambassador of low handsize characters, Rio(MuscleMountain)Gopaul has started writing again. His blog can be found HEREIf you are ever thinking about running a 4-5 HS character, check him out. Piles of first hand experience and successes. This week he talks personal thoughts as UK nats looms around the corner. 

Previous champ Keenan Meadows also posted a video recently talking about his local experience running ·Scorpion· with great success. Its rare to get local reports like this and even more rare for them to come from champions. Don't miss out on what he has to say.

Personally, most of my time has been spent getting the site put together. I have managed to keep getting practice in doing UFS card alters but unfortunately, the video updates may be little slow for the next bit. 

machamp alter.jpg
c.viper alter.jpg

The boys down at UFS University are always putting out solid video content. Their last two study hall videos can be found below.

OK! Last part. 

My local playgroup will be heading to Alberta Beatdown this coming weekend to compete in the UFS event there. Currently there are 32 registered players, so check back to hear reports and see lists from that event. 

Also coming down the pipe are fresh articles written by previous champ card winners, decklist write ups, interviews and more. 

Finally, I want to give a big thank you to Jason at Jasco games for letting us use UFS art around the site. I'll be working with JT to get this site looking a little nicer in the days to come. 

Until next time