Bro watched the Joffice so you don't have to



of the Joffice!

Scout incentives incoming! Especially for demoing!

Namco sent Jasco free copies of Soul Calibur 6, and they’re going to run a Facebook competition to give them away. Watch for more details soon

Congrats to Mr. Damnation for winning a PTC! Shane has been watching you since day 1


Shout out to Dizzy Dugout (can confirm, they're great). They stock tons of dead games, and sold some ancient cards to the Jasco boys, including Yu-Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z (Saiyan saga, from 2000), Kingdom Hearts, Raw Deal, and Initial D.

Reno PTC coming up on December 9th at Games Galore with SFvsDS.

Luke took care of an oil leak on the forklift. Welcome to the boring life of PMs

Sean Canaday has a broken laptop and dead phone. RIP

The PTC schedule is awaiting final confirmation from stores, but we're gonna have TWENTY TWO events this year.

JT shouts out JJ's Mileena and Slam's Ermac. Going to Premier Store event at the Gaming Goat in a few weeks. If you like SFvsDS art (no judgement zone here, bro), email JT and he can hook you up with playmats — even with the fancy embroidered edges, that I thought were something special for premier store events. He also alluded to previewing some of his work before the year is out