Shameless Update - Rip Quan Chi

Hello and Welcome back,

It’s been a while since our last update. Thankfully there’s some juicy stuff to go over for you folks. The first and most obvious being,

Quan Chi is officially banned before Nationals


This is something a lot of people have been asking to happen for a while. And while I don’t personally think he’s a problem on power level alone (Liu Kang + Yin’n’Yang still exists) banning ol’ Quan is great for the overall health of the game.

By simply existing, so many characters were never going to see play on their own because you could just play Quan on top of them and the deck would be instantly better. And seeing as this is the Universal fighting system, and not the Quan Chi fighting system. It stands as a good decision to kick Quan and let the other characters be a part of the game as more than just a sidekick.

Official post is HERE

Tampa had their PTC recently and Quan Chi took his last victory in Standard UFS. The top 8 lists can be found below.


We have 2 new articles this update. Kevin has given us another entry into Rules Corner. This time he goes over Floating effects with 8000 degrees.

Additionally JavelinChimera polished off Resource Retrospective - Death .

Both articles can be found by following the links.


Instead of posting every video, every time. From now on I’m going to feature videos that either catch my attention, are less known, or I think will be worth saving. So here are the picks for this update.

And as a farewell to Quan Chi

And with that, I conclude this update. Ill leave you with this spicy meme alter I whipped up of everyone’s favorite princess.


Til next time