Bro watched the Joffice so you dont have to

Bro watched the Joffice so you don’t have to

with 100% more Phil Birch’s face

Kevin Broberg has graced us with his community service of watching the Joffice and giving us the rundown so we can all save data on our phones.

Hi Jason! Awesome time at US Nationals. UFS has Soul Calibur 6 in future sets of UFS and maybe other Jasco Games. Cowboy Bebop board game is now here - production copy, coming soon to distribution. Buffy expansion, Friends and Frenemies (why).

Hi Luke Butler! You sound tired and/or sick, buddy. He had a great time and met awesome people at US Nats, but now the nose goes back to the grindstone.

Sean Canaday has some housekeeping! Decklists for top cut teams and singles are on UFSUltra! If you want to host a 2019 PTC, get the submissions in by Halloween! (Next Tuesday) Expect to see the schedule in the first few weeks of November. And a website redesign! Premier store kits are going out, and a buncha premier store events.

JT shout outs to all the winners and everyone else. Check out his Shadow Man deck, it's tight! He was at the Premier Store event in Chicago area showing off the weird things he likes to build and play. He's got a Capcom League Kit! JT had a lot of fun setting up the new foils; check out Q-Bee!

Welcome to Shane's after-hours Joffice, where he's been working nonstop since they got back. Lots of positive feedback from the community. Grats to Barret and Team The "Darkest Timeline" Timeline. And he'll be in Collinsville

As an added bonus. We’ve included this transparent .PNG of Phils face so you can add more Phil’s face to all of your own social media content. Enjoy!