Shameless - Nats Hang Over - Update

Welcome back,

The big thing this week was obviously UFS nationals. There’s still reports and decklists coming out, but I’ll cover as much of it as I can for those who couldn’t stay current during the weekend.

2018 UFS Nationals



First lets look at singles. 99 players registered for the event, which was ultimately won by UFSU’s Barrett Bryant playing a Cassie Cage. Here are some event details.

Character Breakdown:


Cassie Cage x4
D'Vorah x2
Goro x4
Heidi x3
Jacqui Briggs x11 
Jet x3
Johnny Cage
Keith Disbro
Kotal Kahn x2
Kung Jin x2
Liu Kang x14
Mad Pierrot 
Metal Man
Napalm Man
Phil Birch**
Raiden x3
Reptile x3
Ring Man
Sasquatch x2
Scorpion* x3
Shinnok x4
Skull Man**
Sniper Joe
Spike* x2
Spike** x2
Stone Man x2
Sub-Zero x2
Turbo Man
Vega x4
Vicious x8


Top 16 breakdown:

6-0-1 Jeremy Ray (Jacqui Briggs)
6-1-0 Cody Kent (Liu Kang)
5-1-1 Andrew Force (Vicious)
5-1-1 Keenan Meadows (Mad Pierrot)
5-1-1 Jacob Johnson (Metal Man)
5-1-1 Christopher Bromley (Faye)
5-1-1 William Howard (Vega)
5-1-1 Garett Brett (Spike*)
5-2-0 Bo Tucker (Heidi)
5-2-0 Jesse Cervini (Kung Jin)
5-2-0 Barrett Bryant (Cassie Cage)
5-2-0 David Martin (Napalm Man)
5-2-0 Marc Wisniewski (Jet)
5-2-0 Chris Nixon (Reptile)
5-2-0 Tamren Cardwell (Scorpion*)
5-2-0 Ryan Hoffman (Johnny Cage)




30 Teams registered for the event that was eventually taken by “The “The Darkest Timeline” Timeline” comprised of:

Ben Shoemaker (Liu Kang)
Dave Wagoner (Sniper Joe)
Phil Birch (Vega)

Sadly we dont have decklists quite yet. So stay tuned for those.

New License

As part of the Nationals weekend, Jasco announced the next license to REjoin UFS. Soul Caliber. No details yet as to when we can expect to see cards with the soul caliber banner, but we did get a sneak peek at some art on the dragon shield sleeves that were given away over the weekend.



SF vs DS

Jasco has updated their site with all of the Uncommons from the upcoming Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers set . You can check those out HERE.

SF vs DS is set to release next month in November. Be sure to get your pre-orders in now.

Resource Retrospective

Javelin Chimera delivers another great article covering one of UFS’s 12 symbols, Earth. You can find it either in the Article section, or by simply following the link HERE.

And I am going to leave this update with that. I know, I know. I didn’t post any videos. This update was long enough with just the Nationals stats, let alone anything else. Check back next week for all of the post nationals reports and video footage. Until then, have fun theory crafting for SF vs DS.