Shameless PRE-NATS Update


Its the last update before Nationals this weekend and excitement is on the rise. I, personally will not be in attendance. But like many others, I have members of my play group going to compete for their chance at winning cardboard.

For all the people who plan on attending, I want to take this moment to remind you of a few things. Get rest. Sleep when you can. Stay hydrated, caffeinated and fed.

For those of us staying home, there’s still some cool stuff to look forward to. There’s a new license being announced and the character spoilers for the Darkstalkers vs Street Fighter set coming out in November.

But you’re here for the weeks recap, so here you go.

DSvsSF Spoilers

Jasco updated the spoiler page with all of the commons from the upcoming set along with the character art. The cards can be found below.


Some cool stuff on youtube this week. Here are some highlights.

Cool Community Stuff

Some other cool stuff came out of the community this week. In anticipation of nationals, Tamren Cardwell cranked out a gorgeous scorpion cosplay. A local artist (SmallHands) started to draw Red Horizon Characters for his character practice. And I started to test the waters with UFS art extending. All of which can be checked out below.


I’ll leave it at that for now. I feel like next weeks update is going to be a lot more content heavy. So enjoy your weekend folks. Ill see you after nationals.