The Luke Butler Challange

For those of you who missed it. The following is a post made by the one and only Luke Butler on Oct 9th 2018.


Hey All, Luke Butler here coming at you with a spicy challenge.

I’m giving a box of UFS product away to the first person to win a Premier Store Championship playing Eligor. The only rule, no Sandbagging out of Eligor. That’s it! Go out there and get creative!

Well then, we cant let this call go unanswered. So until this challenge is won. I will be posting tips and combos for our boy Eligor until someone can take a win.


The first and most obvious Eligor play, is his signature double Hannya trigger. This combo is done by taking a hit, responding with Hannya, then responding with Eligor to play a weapon reversal readying Hannya and threatening a second trigger if they don’t block the reversal.

This play is strong in the fact that either way, they are at a much higher difficulty to continue their turn. A large part of playing Eligor is dragging out the game so you can get in more of his triggers.

Now then, the Hannya trick can be done on both Order and All, but what about Good? Well there’s a cool trick here as well.

Eligor is one of the very few characters that can Race against Time a reversal with only 2 cards in hand. Meaning you can reversal with say, a Power flip using Eligors effect, and use Race against Time to swap it out for something more threatening. Like a missile launcher. Or you can be a complete troll and run a single copy of petrifying gaze so you can have a base stun 3 you can pull in with your 4 dif reversals. Which can then be made more oppressive with Weapons Upgrade.

I know the tip for the Good symbol is a little more on the troll side, but hopefully these helped inspire you a little. And like I said, I’ll keep posting Eligor tips until someone wins the challenge. So good luck out there.