Bro Watches the Joffice so you don't have to - Season 5 Ep 1

Welcome to a “weird season” of the Joffice

New format! Jason solo show. UFS corner, new board games, Universal Tactics System

First, why is the Joffice so late? Jason was traveling a lot, then promptly went to the hospital with kidney stones! <cut to Jason screaming through a women's bathroom door>

Board games! Release dates for basically the rest of the year; new print run of the Buffy board game! The Friends and Frenemies expansion is coming in June.

The GenCon release of the year (coming in August) is the Cowboy Bebop board game, an "awesome coop game".

Street Fighter Exceed releases coming in May - June - July. You can borrow your Universal Tactics minis to use in Exceed, because the character line up.

And finally Evil Dead 2 kickstarter coming up in about a month, pending approvals. It will be a very different Kickstarter campaign - the last one was funded, but never delivered. If the new one gets funded, everyone who backed the last one will get a copy too, for free

Universal Tactics coming soon, delays from licensing.

Finally, Jasco North is producing the Captain Canuck game (based on a comic book license) will release on Canada Day. (True patriot love in all thy son’s command)

Jasco getting its own studio! Joliseum is the best name, go with that

New promos coming! If you're paying attention, no big news. SF triple infinity promo, Skull Barrier, SFVSDS foil characters, and ban-reprints. Ban-reprints will be "shipped out

with every order and redemption order, until they run out of stock"

Event Schedule! Turbo Worlds March 29-30th awarding a custom-built turbo car, including a couple preview pictures. Last Chance Qualifier the night before, too.

Worlds coming up, with lots more coming up shortly.

April 5th release date for Soul Calibur. Full set preview is already up:

New Hire at Jasco! Kai Nesbit! Former STG staff

That’s all for this week. Two big news items the community wants to hear more about went unmentioned:

  • “DLC packs” containing some characters who were passed over in the main sets, along with a few cards of support, were teased as far back as US Nationals in October.

  • Called by some “US Nationals Junior” and the first event to feature competition with Soul Calibur 6, the Rochester PTC makes its return on April 5th!


Bro watched the Joffice so you don't have to



of the Joffice!

Scout incentives incoming! Especially for demoing!

Namco sent Jasco free copies of Soul Calibur 6, and they’re going to run a Facebook competition to give them away. Watch for more details soon

Congrats to Mr. Damnation for winning a PTC! Shane has been watching you since day 1


Shout out to Dizzy Dugout (can confirm, they're great). They stock tons of dead games, and sold some ancient cards to the Jasco boys, including Yu-Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z (Saiyan saga, from 2000), Kingdom Hearts, Raw Deal, and Initial D.

Reno PTC coming up on December 9th at Games Galore with SFvsDS.

Luke took care of an oil leak on the forklift. Welcome to the boring life of PMs

Sean Canaday has a broken laptop and dead phone. RIP

The PTC schedule is awaiting final confirmation from stores, but we're gonna have TWENTY TWO events this year.

JT shouts out JJ's Mileena and Slam's Ermac. Going to Premier Store event at the Gaming Goat in a few weeks. If you like SFvsDS art (no judgement zone here, bro), email JT and he can hook you up with playmats — even with the fancy embroidered edges, that I thought were something special for premier store events. He also alluded to previewing some of his work before the year is out

Bro watched the Joffice so you dont have to

Bro watched the Joffice so you don’t have to

with 100% more Phil Birch’s face

Kevin Broberg has graced us with his community service of watching the Joffice and giving us the rundown so we can all save data on our phones.

Hi Jason! Awesome time at US Nationals. UFS has Soul Calibur 6 in future sets of UFS and maybe other Jasco Games. Cowboy Bebop board game is now here - production copy, coming soon to distribution. Buffy expansion, Friends and Frenemies (why).

Hi Luke Butler! You sound tired and/or sick, buddy. He had a great time and met awesome people at US Nats, but now the nose goes back to the grindstone.

Sean Canaday has some housekeeping! Decklists for top cut teams and singles are on UFSUltra! If you want to host a 2019 PTC, get the submissions in by Halloween! (Next Tuesday) Expect to see the schedule in the first few weeks of November. And a website redesign! Premier store kits are going out, and a buncha premier store events.

JT shout outs to all the winners and everyone else. Check out his Shadow Man deck, it's tight! He was at the Premier Store event in Chicago area showing off the weird things he likes to build and play. He's got a Capcom League Kit! JT had a lot of fun setting up the new foils; check out Q-Bee!

Welcome to Shane's after-hours Joffice, where he's been working nonstop since they got back. Lots of positive feedback from the community. Grats to Barret and Team The "Darkest Timeline" Timeline. And he'll be in Collinsville

As an added bonus. We’ve included this transparent .PNG of Phils face so you can add more Phil’s face to all of your own social media content. Enjoy!


Shameless - Nats Hang Over - Update

Welcome back,

The big thing this week was obviously UFS nationals. There’s still reports and decklists coming out, but I’ll cover as much of it as I can for those who couldn’t stay current during the weekend.

2018 UFS Nationals



First lets look at singles. 99 players registered for the event, which was ultimately won by UFSU’s Barrett Bryant playing a Cassie Cage. Here are some event details.

Character Breakdown:


Cassie Cage x4
D'Vorah x2
Goro x4
Heidi x3
Jacqui Briggs x11 
Jet x3
Johnny Cage
Keith Disbro
Kotal Kahn x2
Kung Jin x2
Liu Kang x14
Mad Pierrot 
Metal Man
Napalm Man
Phil Birch**
Raiden x3
Reptile x3
Ring Man
Sasquatch x2
Scorpion* x3
Shinnok x4
Skull Man**
Sniper Joe
Spike* x2
Spike** x2
Stone Man x2
Sub-Zero x2
Turbo Man
Vega x4
Vicious x8


Top 16 breakdown:

6-0-1 Jeremy Ray (Jacqui Briggs)
6-1-0 Cody Kent (Liu Kang)
5-1-1 Andrew Force (Vicious)
5-1-1 Keenan Meadows (Mad Pierrot)
5-1-1 Jacob Johnson (Metal Man)
5-1-1 Christopher Bromley (Faye)
5-1-1 William Howard (Vega)
5-1-1 Garett Brett (Spike*)
5-2-0 Bo Tucker (Heidi)
5-2-0 Jesse Cervini (Kung Jin)
5-2-0 Barrett Bryant (Cassie Cage)
5-2-0 David Martin (Napalm Man)
5-2-0 Marc Wisniewski (Jet)
5-2-0 Chris Nixon (Reptile)
5-2-0 Tamren Cardwell (Scorpion*)
5-2-0 Ryan Hoffman (Johnny Cage)




30 Teams registered for the event that was eventually taken by “The “The Darkest Timeline” Timeline” comprised of:

Ben Shoemaker (Liu Kang)
Dave Wagoner (Sniper Joe)
Phil Birch (Vega)

Sadly we dont have decklists quite yet. So stay tuned for those.

New License

As part of the Nationals weekend, Jasco announced the next license to REjoin UFS. Soul Caliber. No details yet as to when we can expect to see cards with the soul caliber banner, but we did get a sneak peek at some art on the dragon shield sleeves that were given away over the weekend.



SF vs DS

Jasco has updated their site with all of the Uncommons from the upcoming Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers set . You can check those out HERE.

SF vs DS is set to release next month in November. Be sure to get your pre-orders in now.

Resource Retrospective

Javelin Chimera delivers another great article covering one of UFS’s 12 symbols, Earth. You can find it either in the Article section, or by simply following the link HERE.

And I am going to leave this update with that. I know, I know. I didn’t post any videos. This update was long enough with just the Nationals stats, let alone anything else. Check back next week for all of the post nationals reports and video footage. Until then, have fun theory crafting for SF vs DS.


Shameless PRE-NATS Update


Its the last update before Nationals this weekend and excitement is on the rise. I, personally will not be in attendance. But like many others, I have members of my play group going to compete for their chance at winning cardboard.

For all the people who plan on attending, I want to take this moment to remind you of a few things. Get rest. Sleep when you can. Stay hydrated, caffeinated and fed.

For those of us staying home, there’s still some cool stuff to look forward to. There’s a new license being announced and the character spoilers for the Darkstalkers vs Street Fighter set coming out in November.

But you’re here for the weeks recap, so here you go.

DSvsSF Spoilers

Jasco updated the spoiler page with all of the commons from the upcoming set along with the character art. The cards can be found below.


Some cool stuff on youtube this week. Here are some highlights.

Cool Community Stuff

Some other cool stuff came out of the community this week. In anticipation of nationals, Tamren Cardwell cranked out a gorgeous scorpion cosplay. A local artist (SmallHands) started to draw Red Horizon Characters for his character practice. And I started to test the waters with UFS art extending. All of which can be checked out below.


I’ll leave it at that for now. I feel like next weeks update is going to be a lot more content heavy. So enjoy your weekend folks. Ill see you after nationals.


The Luke Butler Challange

For those of you who missed it. The following is a post made by the one and only Luke Butler on Oct 9th 2018.


Hey All, Luke Butler here coming at you with a spicy challenge.

I’m giving a box of UFS product away to the first person to win a Premier Store Championship playing Eligor. The only rule, no Sandbagging out of Eligor. That’s it! Go out there and get creative!

Well then, we cant let this call go unanswered. So until this challenge is won. I will be posting tips and combos for our boy Eligor until someone can take a win.


The first and most obvious Eligor play, is his signature double Hannya trigger. This combo is done by taking a hit, responding with Hannya, then responding with Eligor to play a weapon reversal readying Hannya and threatening a second trigger if they don’t block the reversal.

This play is strong in the fact that either way, they are at a much higher difficulty to continue their turn. A large part of playing Eligor is dragging out the game so you can get in more of his triggers.

Now then, the Hannya trick can be done on both Order and All, but what about Good? Well there’s a cool trick here as well.

Eligor is one of the very few characters that can Race against Time a reversal with only 2 cards in hand. Meaning you can reversal with say, a Power flip using Eligors effect, and use Race against Time to swap it out for something more threatening. Like a missile launcher. Or you can be a complete troll and run a single copy of petrifying gaze so you can have a base stun 3 you can pull in with your 4 dif reversals. Which can then be made more oppressive with Weapons Upgrade.

I know the tip for the Good symbol is a little more on the troll side, but hopefully these helped inspire you a little. And like I said, I’ll keep posting Eligor tips until someone wins the challenge. So good luck out there.


Shameless Update - Rip Quan Chi

Hello and Welcome back,

It’s been a while since our last update. Thankfully there’s some juicy stuff to go over for you folks. The first and most obvious being,

Quan Chi is officially banned before Nationals


This is something a lot of people have been asking to happen for a while. And while I don’t personally think he’s a problem on power level alone (Liu Kang + Yin’n’Yang still exists) banning ol’ Quan is great for the overall health of the game.

By simply existing, so many characters were never going to see play on their own because you could just play Quan on top of them and the deck would be instantly better. And seeing as this is the Universal fighting system, and not the Quan Chi fighting system. It stands as a good decision to kick Quan and let the other characters be a part of the game as more than just a sidekick.

Official post is HERE

Tampa had their PTC recently and Quan Chi took his last victory in Standard UFS. The top 8 lists can be found below.


We have 2 new articles this update. Kevin has given us another entry into Rules Corner. This time he goes over Floating effects with 8000 degrees.

Additionally JavelinChimera polished off Resource Retrospective - Death .

Both articles can be found by following the links.


Instead of posting every video, every time. From now on I’m going to feature videos that either catch my attention, are less known, or I think will be worth saving. So here are the picks for this update.

And as a farewell to Quan Chi

And with that, I conclude this update. Ill leave you with this spicy meme alter I whipped up of everyone’s favorite princess.


Til next time


Shameless Update - pre nationals prep

Welcome again,

As everyone is busy fine tuning their Nationals decks a few folks are still hard at work making fine ufs content for you wonderful people to enjoy. Check out whats new this week.

UK Nationals Videos

Although the UK nationals are a few weeks behind us. We are just starting to get some match footage posted up to youtube. There are currently 3 matches uploaded and they can all be found at The Bearded Card Traders Channel . Or if you’re lazy, just check them out below.

Website Updates

Kevin Broberg has started work on a new project called Rules Corner. A place to go over some of the more complicated rulings in standard UFS and break them down into an easy to digest format. The first article in rules corner is Fade vs Remove as cost and can be viewed by following the link.

Additionally, Javelin Chimera is now done 1/4 of the Resource Retrospective articles with his completion of the Chaos Symbol. Be sure to check it out.


To no ones surprise, Rockford and UFSU are hard at work as usual. However this week I managed to get out a few videos of my own as well.

Jasco Official

This week from Jasco we had the Pro Tour Circuit applications open up. So if you’re interested in having a PTC at your local store. Be sure to click on the link above and apply before the end of October.

Well that about wraps it up. If you have any comments or ideas for what else to add to the site, or perhaps you want to add to the site yourself. Just post up in the comments and let me know.

Til next time


Shameless Update - Calm before the storm

Hello again,

This update we have an Online Tournament announcement, UK nationals reports, Rule FAQ updates and more. Check it out.

Muscle Mountains UK singles report

So for starters, the link can be found -> HERE <- and I must say, it was a wonderful read. Muscle piloted his Goro deck into tops at the UK nationals and later won teams. As I have stated before, Muscle Mountain has amazing insight into building and playing low hand size characters. And this report does an incredible job of letting you see into his thought process. This is an absolute MUST READ if you plan on playing Goro at any competitive level.


As the usual. Lots of content from both Rockford UFS and UFSU. This time we get something special with a deck profile from Kevin Brobergs teams deck from UK nationals. An unconventional Ermac deck.


Everyone’s favorite video smithy Paynus Greabler is hosting the first ever online Jasco Legacy tournament. He is personally putting up his own prize support and time to make this happen. All of the juicy details can be found in his super informative video below.


Because our beloved jasco struggles at times to let the masses know of what they’re up to, I’m going to do my best to help.


For starters, there are some sexy new redemption promos. Well, not really new, but you know what I mean. New template Scorpion 2 and Classic Revoke on the new template as well. Both can be found on the Jasco Redemption Page

Jasco also updated the UFS FAQs PAGE . This update covers interactions with Fade and a new ruling that buffs Mortal Kombat’s Kung Jin. Be sure to make your local group aware of the changes.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck to anyone training up for nationals.

Until next time ,


Shameless Update

Hello and welcome back!

Toy here again with another update. I’m just settling in after moving my family a whopping 3 blocks away from my old place (it was hell). But I still want to get some news sent your way. So forgive the rushed update. Lots has happened in the last two weeks in the wild world of UFS. So lets take a look.

The Poquoson PTC took place just a few weeks ago and saw Rob Snyder take first place with an unorthodox mill deck that first appeared at Alberta Beat Down. The placings and deck lists can be found below.


And just this past weekend the UK nationals was held at Patriot Games. Singles was taken by non other than Mike Hardiman and his Quan Chi deck. While teams was taken by Two and a Half Men, Dan Austin playing Liu Kang, Rio (musclemountain) Gopaul playing Goro and Oliver Hill playing Jacqui Briggs.


Jasco is still working to post all of the decklists for the event. But here’s the winning list from singles.

Quan Chi (Life)

(13) Characters
1 Quan Chi*
4 Spike**
3 D'vorah*
3 Demitri**
2 Napalm Man**

(6) Actions
4 Revoke
2 Templar

(18) Attacks
4 Ovipositor Charger
4 Urban Shower
2 Dagger Strike
2 Ace Maneuver
2 Hand Cannon
1 Plant Barrier
1 Brutality
1 Skull

(32) Foundations
4 The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
4 All Powerful Sorcerer
4 Immortal Knowledge
4 Insect Puppeteer
3 Cleaning the Fish
3 Commander of the Undead
2 Dust in the Wind
2 Over the Top
1 German Temper
1 Rescue Mission
1 Last of His Kind
1 Mathematician
1 My Blood Flows Through You
1 New Shipmate

(69) total

(8) Sideboard
2 My Blood Flows Through You
2 Rhythmic Fighting Style
2 Reclaiming What's Ours
1 Swordfish Plasma Cannon
1 Hand Cannon

Content Creators

To save myself from posting every video done by Rockford and UFSU every update. Im just going to link their channels. They pump content out every few days. Just check them out.

Otherwise we have a new Joffice, another ocbc deck tech, and some top deck heroes from over on twitch.

Website Content Updates

There are a few other tid bits getting worked on around here. Javelin Chimera has started to write some resource symbol primers to add to our articles section. He looks at both standard and legacy to find each symbols unique identity. The first two are up. Air and All. Check out the links below.

We’ve also added a gallery of UFS fan art by Cody (buttons) Kent. You can check out his work by clicking on the image below.

That’s it for this update. I’ll see you next time.