Here are some of the best content providers out there for the Universal Fighting System


Jasco Games

Technically they are THE content providers seeing as they provide content for the game itself. Jason and his team have brought the game back from the dead right into a game store near you. 

They are also home to the official forums where you can find some pretty decent ufs discussion.

Rockford UFS

Chris and friends bring you video reviews, podcasts, decklists, gameplay and more. Also home to the Guile Treatment, a regular talk show about UFS co-hosted by the lovely Rob.

UFS University

Tam brings you piles of discussion on a wide variety of UFS topics. Consistent content and the most professional creators we have right now. 


Hey, its me. Here you'll find short videos focused on instruction of ideas and reviews of specific cards or concepts. 

Rochester CCG

Not the most consistent content. But some really great discussion with some really strong players.